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Eco-Logical Kitchen Remodel Ideas

by Sheryl Robinson

Remodel your kitchen for energy savings

With our environment in disarray, it is natural for homeowners to make their homes more eco-friendly. What people don’t realize is while making your home eco-friendly you make it economical also. The best to place in making your home eco-friendly, or green, is in your kitchen. Kitchen contractors are your one stop source for the eco-friendly options and the best consultant for your ecological remodel ideas.

Use Cabinets as Your Starting Point
The first place in the kitchen to start with your remodel is the one thing that everyone notices; the cabinets. Of course, most people think, what can be more natural that wood for the cabinets. The problem with some cabinets, such as some woods, it isn’t in the composition that depletes our ozone layer, it is in the manufacturing process. You have a wealth of options to choose from for cabinets. Today, an increasing popular style is a salvaged cabinet. Obtain these salvaged cabinets and refurbish them to be placed in your kitchen. It saves them from going to the landfill and keeps you from buying new ones that deplete some natural resources.

Consult on Countertops
Kitchen contractors are a great source of information when considering a remodel of your current countertops. With all the recycled materials, it’s easy to keep this project seeing green. You can choose from countertops made from such products as glass, concrete, and various recycled goods. Consult your kitchen expert on the countertop that is right for you and your family with specific attention given to the details of your home.

Recycle flooring helps the environment

Recycle Your Floor
When you are remodeling your kitchen, of course it is a natural choice to replace the flooring. Smart choices for flooring range from linoleum, to salvaged stone or recycled products. With flooring, you want to make sure the process by which it is made is safe, the disposal of any debris if done correctly, and which flooring according to your flooring contractor, will give you the best results for the longest period of time.

Color Your Walls Green
Ok, now you are wondering, what about the walls. Well, let me remind you that not all paints are created equal. You have the commercial grades, and then you have the eco-friendly paint grades. Your Kitchen Contractor can help you decide on the brand that promotes environmental friendly homes, while all you have to do is decide on the color.

Arrange for Appliances
Always inform your Kitchen Contractor if you are budgeting for new appliances. There are so many wonderful brands that offer energy efficient settings, saving you money throughout the year. In fact, simply switching to energy saving appliances, you can save an average of 30% on your energy costs. Your contractor needs to be aware of appliance specifics in case they must do a rearrangement if the measurements differ from previous appliances. Since size standards change in appliances, the contractor will need exact measurements to insure your new appliances will fit. Your kitchen contractor will also be able to suggest additional energy saving ideas as well as space saving designs with the new appliances.

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